Introducing the Alpha and the Aruba Plus Radiators

Milano are proud to introduce two stunning new radiators to our ever-expanding collection; the stylish Aruba Plus and the sensational Alpha.

These attractive radiators are very different to one another, but both have superb BTU rates that will heat your living space really quickly and thoroughly. They also both have something unique to offer your home.

milano-aruba-plus-dra007fe-anthracite-vertical-designer-radiator-with-feet-1800mm-x-472mm-double-panel-lifestyleA new take on the Aruba radiator, the Aruba Plus offers the same great style as the original- oval columns and a choice of finishes- and with the added practicality of a floor-mounted design. Using floor-mounted feet which have been designed by Milano to coordinate with the rest of the radiator, the Aruba Plus can be fitted virtually anywhere in the home. With this design, the floor supports the weight of the radiator instead of the walls, so the Aruba Plus can be fitted in rooms with ‘fake’ or plasterboard walls, with no problem at all. The complementary design of the floor-mounting feet creates a seamless look across the radiator.

milano-alpha-drc004-chrome-slim-panel-vertical-designer-radiator-1600mm-x-450mm-lifestyleWhile the Aruba Plus offers exceptional functionality, the Alpha radiator is all about style. This is a slim and lightweight radiator which oozes glamour and sophistication. It comes in a choice of three, four, five and six panel designs, and each one has a sensational chrome finish which sets this radiator apart from the rest. With such a modern design, the Alpha radiator is the perfect choice for rooms which have a minimalist look and contemporary décor.

Both the Alpha and the Aruba Plus are available in a range of sizes, and both come with superb guarantees. View the Milano catalogue for specifications and more details.


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