Causes and Cures for a Noisy Central Heating System

Gurgling, tapping, humming and creaking noises from within your radiator could be a sign that something is wrong with the system. In today’s blog, we look at common causes of noisy central heating systems and how to fix them.


Limescale build up within the radiator pipes is a common cause of tapping in a radiator. This can also cause a gurgling noise to occur. If you think your pipes may have a problem with limescale, use a specialist, non-acidic cleaner to clean them. Always ensure the heating is off before starting, and if you are in any doubt as to what to do, consult a professional.


A common radiator sound, gurgling is most often caused by air trapped inside the pipes. In many cases, simply bleeding the radiator will solve this problem and have them working like new, in little time.


Most often heard coming from the boiler, this sound can indicate that the heating elements within are not functioning correctly. This usually occurs as a result of the boiler being set to the wrong timing or pressure. To remedy this, first of all check that the thermostat is working. If it is, check the central heating pump; this may need to be slowed down.

Creaking and knocking

Central heating pipes expand and contract as water flows through them at hot and then cooler temperatures. If the pipes are tightly packed beneath the floorboards, this may cause a creaking or knocking noise to occur. Ensure the pipes have adequate room to expand and pack light insulation around them if necessary.

This simple advice should help remedy the most common causes of central heating noise. But, remember, if you are in any doubt about the nature of your central heating problem, call in the professionals!


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