Heating a Loft Conversion

A loft conversion is a great way to add valuable space to your home and create an often much-needed additional area to sleep, bathe, work or relax. But ensuring your loft extension is heated quickly, efficiently and effectively can be problematic.

Today’s blog identifies common issues when it comes to heating an attic space and practical solutions to overcome them, so that your beautiful conversion can be as warm and comfortable as the rest of your home.

Before you choose how to heat your attic space, you must identify what type of central heating system is installed in your home. Many British houses have an ‘open vented’ system, in which the cistern and cold water tank are situated in the loft. If this is the case, any additional radiators will need to be installed at least one meter lower than the tank and cistern in order for the system to work properly, which can be challenging.

If you are adamant that your new conversion is heated by radiators, it is possible to raise the tank. A qualified plumber will be able to undertake the work and advise on whether or not your boiler is able to cope with the addition of extra radiators. At BestHeating.com, our radiators are available in a huge choice of sizes, so you can be sure of finding a model to conveniently fit the space you have created.

For many people, installing electric underfloor heating is a far simpler option, which comes with many benefits. Independently controlled, this system is not reliant on a cistern or boiler, is discreet but effective and won’t consume the valuable space you’ve worked hard to create.

However you choose to heat your loft conversion, it’s vitally important that the room is well insulated, to avoid heat escaping through the roof. Insulation can be placed above, below or in between the rafters and is available in a choice of materials, from polyurethanes to natural sheep’s wool. Your architect or builder can advise on the best option for you and your home.


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