Introducing the Aruba Slim and Extended Range of Alpha Radiators

Milano are constantly striving to create radiators which look sensational and are functional too. Our mission to achieve this fine balance is never more evident than in our two stunning- and space saving radiators- the Alpha and the Aruba Slim.

The Alpha radiator is now available in a wide range of sizes and channels all the sleek style of the original chrome Alpha radiator, into an ultra-slim design. This beautiful model is cool and contemporary, but also versatile enough to be fitted in rooms of varying styles.

With smooth flat panels, this radiator can be used to create a modern and minimalist look or a classic and elegant look; the choice is yours. Of course, the look you create is dictated largely by the radiator finish, and with the Alpha Slim you have a choice of three; anthracite, white and high-gloss black.

White is a subtle and sophisticated finish which will complement every colour wall and never age, while high-gloss black will create a sharp, striking, bold and contemporary look in a room. For laid-back luxury, choose anthracite instead. The slimmest Alpha radiator has a width of just 280mm, allowing you to fit it in tiniest spaces around the home. And, despite its neat size, it still packs a punch on heat output.

Alpha designer radiatorAruba Slim designer radiator

The Aruba Slim is an innovative, attractive and efficient radiator which offers everything you could ask for in a home heating solution. This radiator has the same distinctive, oval column design as the original Aruba, and comes in the same stunning finishes of anthracite, high gloss black and white.

Where the Aruba Slim differs from its counterpart, is in its practical and stylish bottom-inlet design, which sees valves connect to the bottom of the radiator, as opposed to the sides which is the case with the majority of radiators. This exceptional design means two things; the Aruba Slim is more streamlined than any Milano radiator before it, and it can fit in almost any space, taking up minimal room as it does.

Of course, this great style and functional design doesn’t meant that heat output is compromised; that’s not the Milano way. These radiators have terrific BTU rates as standard, so you can relax knowing your living space will be delightfully and decadently warm in little time.

To find out more about these outstanding radiators and to select your model, visit the Milano catalogue.

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