Milano Launch New Electric Designer Radiators

Combining attractive looks with extreme functionality, the new Milano electric designer radiators are the latest addition to our ever expanding range.

The new Milano Aruba, Aruba Slim, Alpha and Capri electric designer radiators are available in a wide choice of sizes, as well as vertical and horizontal styles to suit any space – from a large living room to a compact cloakroom suite. The new electric designer radiators also come in a range of stunning finishes including white, black and anthracite to enhance any interior.

Suitable for use in any room of your home such as the lounge, kitchen, dining room or bedroom, the Milano electric designer radiators provide fast and efficient heat distribution. Boasting incredible BTU outputs, the electric radiators provide a stylish and highly practical way to create a warm and inviting space, but without having to switch on your central heating system. The electric radiators are a great option for properties such as apartments that don’t have any central heating, as well as for rooms where fitting a standard radiator is not an option.

Milano vertical electric designer radiator

What’s more, each electric designer radiator includes a heating element for precise temperature control. The heating elements each feature a temperature display, on/off switch, five heat settings and a dryer function. The dryer function allows you to boost the heating power for two hours before it reverts back to the previous setting.

How do the fluid filled electric designer radiators work?

Each electric radiator contains glycol – a water based heating solution that eliminates the kettle type noise from within, as well as rust and limescale. The glycol solution contains anti-freeze and anti-corrosion to ensure maximum performance and long lasting durability.

Glycol filled electric radiators radiate heat, so unlike a convector radiator you’ll experience an ambient heat in the room, as opposed to warm air circulating.

Milano electric designer radiator

Each Milano electric designer radiator includes one or two heating elements, which heat the glycol solution in a similar way the element works in a kettle. The heating element needs to be inserted into the electric radiator during installation.

A cycle is created inside the radiator, where the hot solution rises up off the element’s probe and circulates up and around the radiator. At the base of the radiator, the element continually pulls the cooler solution from around the base, and up and across the probe – this creates the internal flow as the solution heats and rises, then cools and falls.

The surface of the electric radiator begins to emit a radiant heat into the room, so you’ll feel heat just like a standard radiator.

Are electric designer radiators expensive to run?

Electric heating is much cheaper compared to gas central heating, which means the saving made by not fitting a boiler and the pipework can be offset against the running costs of the electric heating. Electric radiators are 100% efficient at the point of use, and all the electricity is converted into heat, unlike a boiler based heating system where energy is wasted through the flue.

As there are so many variables to take into consideration, it’s difficult to provide an exact running cost when using electric radiators such as the tariff that will be used, how long the radiator is on for, the type of heating you’re using and the setting of the thermostat. There have been large increases in the price of fuel, and although electricity prices have risen, they aren’t as significant as gas.

Is an electric radiator easy to install?

Yes, electric radiators are easy to install as they don’t require any pipework unlike standard radiators.

The Milano electric designer radiators have a wire on that needs connecting to a switched fused spur – a job that needs to be carried out by a qualified electrician. Also, additional electric radiators can be fitted at a later date once budget allows so you can stagger the installation.

What are the advantages of electric radiators?

– Electric radiators can be used at any time throughout the year, even when your central heating system is switched off during the summer months.

– An electric radiator allows you to heat a room independently of your central heating system.

Milano black electric designer radiator

– They’re great for properties or rooms that don’t have access to central heating.

– If a standard radiator develops a fault such as a leak it usually requires the whole system to be bled to remove and replace it, whereas it’s much easier and faster to replace an electric radiator.

– If there’s no central heating pipework running into a room, such as in a new conservatory or loft conversion it can be expensive to install pipework, so therefore it can work out cheaper and more economical to fit an electric radiator.

Where is the best position to install an electric radiator?

The best location to install your new electric designer radiator is on an outside wall and either under or next to the window if possible. The cold air that comes in through the window can be mixed with the warm air rising up from the radiator, which mixes together to create an comfortable ambient temperature.

The full Milano electric designer radiator collection is launching soon at

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