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The UK has some of the smallest new homes in Europe, with the average British home now measuring 76 square meters, compared to 85 square meters just a few years ago.

Homes in Ireland are, on average, 15 per cent larger than the average UK house, whilst in Denmark, houses stand at an average 80 per cent larger than their British counterparts.

Small rooms, coupled with our ever-increasing number of personal possessions, means that now, more than ever before, space in our homes is at a premium. Interior design blogs and magazines are full of useful tips on how to save- and maximise- space around the home, from multifunctional furniture such as bed settees and folding tables to buying pale furniture to open up a room.

It’s often overlooked, but one of the easiest and most affordable ways to save space in your home is by replacing your horizontal radiators with a vertical model. Long and lean, vertical radiators consume wall space from the ground up- something we all have plenty of- and leave the majority of your walls free for other uses.

Recognising their usefulness in the home, Milano brings you a dazzling collection of gorgeous, space saving heating options in the form of vertical radiators which combine designer style with the practicality of an upright setting. Choose from fun and fashionable tube-shaped models like the Java and Aruba, or opt for something a little more sophisticated, like the chic and slim-line Capri. Whichever style you choose, our designer vertical radiators are ideal for injecting style into your home as well as freeing up space.

For the ultimate in practicality, usability and style, Milano has created the Reflect radiator; a stunning vertical with the clever addition of a full-length mirror surrounded by high-performing panels which give fantastic warmth as well as looks.

The slimmest of our vertical radiators measures just 236mm across, with our tallest models measuring 1780mm high, and every single one has a substantial heat output rate that will make your room lusciously warm in no time!

With a Milano vertical radiator, there’s no need to compromise; you get exceptional heat output paired with incredible style, in one neat, tidy, space-saving package. What more could you ask for?


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