Stylish Heating for the Bathroom

In order to relax and unwind, it’s vitally important that the bathroom is adequately heated to a pleasant and inviting temperature. There are myriad ways to introduce heat into your bathroom, with a vertical or horizontal radiator, underfloor heating or of course, with a heated towel rail. Today’s blog is a look at heating for the bathroom and how to introduce warmth into your suite, the stylish way.

Milano has created a sensational range of towel radiators which will not only heat the bathroom, but will also introduce elegant style into the suite at the same time.

For modern bathrooms, a minimalist, chrome model like the Milano Ribble towel rail will add a touch of chic, contemporary style to the bathroom, along with superb heat output to make the space toasty warm. If your bathroom is traditional in style, then a Victorian-inspired radiator like the Milano Trent is perfect for creating an authentic look as it heats the room.

With the right BTU output, a heated towel rail will keep any bathroom suite luxuriously warm, and, better still, will ensure that a heap of fluffy, warm towels is always at hand.

In bathrooms which lack wall-space, or if you prefer to keep your walls clear, underfloor heating is an incredibly discreet and effective way of creating a cosy environment and heating the room. Underfloor heating mats are now widely available, are easily fitted with minimum fuss, and can be laid beneath a variety of floor materials, including tiles and wood.

Alternatively, why not make a real feature of your bathroom heating and opt for an eye-catching vertical radiator? With its curved profile and fluid shape, the Milano Wave is perfectly suited to the bathroom, and is particularly stunning in a clean, white finish.

With a consistent and comfortable level of heat achieved, you can turn your attention to the smaller details which will complete the soothing ambience. Subtle lighting, plush towels and scented candles will all create a spa-like effect which will aid relaxation and create a sumptuously stylish look.

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