Create a luxurious feeling of warmth and add a dash of classical style to any room, with the stunning Windsor range of traditional radiators. Cast-iron style columns provide exceptional heat output and create a timeless, heritage look, making this charming design a perfect addition to traditional interiors. Available in a range of dimensions from long and slim to short and compact, this versatile choice can be used anywhere in the home, including rooms with limited wall space. Complete the period look with our traditional valves and accessories, designed to perfectly enhance and complement this delightful range.

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TRUSH005300 x 608 x 1005811,98412310.627.883Steel20 Years
TRUSH006300 x 788 x 1007602,59412313.8910.183Steel20 Years
TRUSH007300 x 1013 x 1009843,35812317.9813.183Steel20 Years
TRUSH008600 x 608 x 1001,0603,61712322.3911.583Steel20 Years
TRUSH009600 x 788 x 1001,3864,72912327.191583Steel20 Years
TRUSH016300 x 608 x 684581,5611047.874.170Steel20 Years
TRUSH018300 x 1013 x 687742,64210413.33770Steel20 Years
TRUSH019600 x 608 x 688182,79210414.667.370Steel20 Years
TRUSH020600 x 788 x 681,0703,65210419.179.570Steel20 Years
TRUSH025600 x 1013 x 681,3854,72510424.812.370Steel20 Years
TRUSH028300 x 788 x 685982,04110410.35.470Steel20 Years
TRUSH029300 x 1193 x 689153,12210412.178.370Steel20 Years
TRUSH030300 x 1508 x 681,1613,96310415.4510.570Steel20 Years
TRUSH031600 x 1193 x 681,6375,58510429.3214.570Steel20 Years
TRUSH032600 x 1508 x 682,0777,08810437.2118.470Steel20 Years
TRUSH0111500 x 203 x 1007732,63812315.786.583Steel20 Years
TRUSH0121500 x 293 x 1001,1603,95712323.689.783Steel20 Years
TRUSH0141800 x 203 x 1008682,96312318.918.383Steel20 Years
TRUSH0151800 x 293 x 1001,3034,44412328.3712.483Steel20 Years
TRUSH0211500 x 203 x 686102,08210410.775.370Steel20 Years
TRUSH0221500 x 293 x 689153,12310416.15870Steel20 Years
TRUSH0231800 x 203 x 686222,12310412.856.470Steel20 Years
TRUSH0241800 x 293 x 689333,18510419.289.670Steel20 Years
TRUSH0261500 x 383 x 1001,2204,16410426.9310.670Steel20 Years
TRUSH0271800 x 383 x 681,2444,24710432.1212.783Steel20 Years
TRUSH0331500 x 383 x 1001,5465,27612331.5712.983Steel20 Years
TRUSH0341800 x 383 x 1001,7375,92612337.8216.683Steel20 Years
TRUSH015B1800 x 293 x 1001,3034,44412328.3712.470Steel20 Years
TRUSH024B1800 x 293 x 681,0383,54110419.289.670Steel20 Years
TRUSH027B1800 x 383 x 681,3844,72110432.1212.783Steel20 Years
TRUSH034B1800 x 383 x 1001,7375,92612337.8216.683Steel20 Years
TRUSHV2081800 x 470 x 681,7305,9029432.613.260Steel20 Years
TRUSHV2101800 x 560 x 682,0767,0829439.215.860Steel20 Years
TRUSHV3071500 x 473 x 1001,9336,5951204116.270Steel20 Years
TRUSHV3091500 x 563 x 1002,3197,91312049.219.470Steel20 Years
TRUSHV3081800 x 473 x 1002,1717,40712050.3520.770Steel20 Years
TRUSHV3101800 x 563 x 1002,6058,88912060.424.870Steel20 Years
TRUSHH308990 x 600 x 1001,7946,12011539.21580Steel20 Years
TRUSHH3091160 x 600 x 1002,1207,23311545.517.880Steel20 Years
TRUSHH3101470 x 600 x 1002,6919,18111556.722.680Steel20 Years



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